Introduction to Child Care

What are your prices?

Our prices fluctuate, depending on the season and a variety of other factors. Please check our Rental Rates page for current prices. Specials are offered from time to time. The average rental period can also fluctuate. We charge per rental, not per hour.

What if the weather looks dark and kind of ugly?

Weather is unpredictable sometimes! All the inflatable's and slides can get wet and it won't hurt them. A light misty rain is just fine. If it starts raining harder you'll want to get the kids out until it stops. You'll also want to shut off the blower switch and let it deflate. As soon as it stops raining you can turn the switch back on and let the kids go crazy again! Remind them there's no pushing or shoving. note: Moonwalks may make bubbles after getting wet. Just wipe them out with a towel as needed.

What if it's raining at the time of your delivery?

We will not be able to set up the jumper in the rain and we will all be very sad. If you have paid a deposit it will be mailed back to you. But you'll have to promise to call me for future rentals! We will deliver in scattered rain unless we get a cancellation call from you!254.338.5754 or by email:

What if high winds are blowing the hairspray right out of my hair?

High winds over 30 mph means "Shut that blower off and get those kids out of there!" Watch the tree tops in your neighborhood and yard. High winds seem to come in about 30 minute to 1 hour spells. The kids can get back in when you can stand in one spot without blowing over! Just keep an eye on the 4 corner stakes of the jumper and make sure they are still secured deep in the ground. Keep checking if high winds persist.

How many kids can get in that thing at one time anyway?

How many can safely play at once will vary by jumper size, children, and amount of adult supervision.
Please call us to  get correct weight limit.

Is there an entrance step?

Most have an entrance and an emergency exit on the roof. An inflated step is connected to the in front of the entrance. It helps the little ones get in and out very easily; they can crawl up and down. We also have a "crawl under the netting entrance." Some of them have a tiny slit, but they are very small. That can help keep from having a tumble out. All are completely enclosed with 4 walls, a roof, a bottom, and rainbow colored netting for huge windows to let the breeze in and out.

*A full refund including the deposit will be granted if rain is forecasted on the party date or if temperature is freezing as long as we are notified before delivery.

*Deposits are non-refundable unless due to inclement weather however we will be happy to apply that credit towards a future rental as long as we are given a one week advance notice.